5 Ways to Propagate Roses Using Potatoes

Potatoes are not only tasty, but they are also beneficial. Potatoes provide just the right amount of nutrients and moisture for cutting, allowing them to develop healthy roots.

If you have a single rose that you like and want second or third for your scenario or want to give a great gift, so consider promoting it with potatoes.

This project is quite easy for a newbie gardener and is attractive to any person who wants to save money on a budget of his garden.

Although you can take rose cutting at any time of the year, if you wait for cold weather then you will get more success.

The roses under patent cannot be legally publicized unless you pay royalties to the patent holder.

Here are the five steps to propagate the beautiful rose using potatoes;

1. On the way out of the garden, which has some shade during the hottest part of the day, digs a pillar in which there is a vertical side. It should be approximately 6in (15 cm) deep; Place an inch or two sharp sand below.

2. Choose a stem about the thickness of a pencil – which you want to promote. Wood should be straight (no crank), mature (tell by clearly being able to break a fork), and youth (from the development of this year).

3. The bite should be approximately 9in (23 cm) long. Just cut down a bud on the base. Then remove the leaves and thorns from the bottom half. If you wish, you can leave some leaf systems at the top of the cutting. 

4. Insert each bite so that two-thirds are buried; make sure its base is well in the quicksand. To exclude the air as far as possible, firm the sand around the base. Cutting should be set apart in addition to 6in (15 cm).

5. Turn the soil into a trench and firm it in place; do not damage cutting as you do. Keep cutting throughout the summer. By November, they should have been appropriately rooted and should be ready for the transplant.

When it comes to the propagation of a rose, then some things should be kept in mind:

Many rose bushes are patented and are not promoted until some time passes. Thus, large rose producers make their income and deducting their income damages all the rose lovers, because it hinders the ability to bring new varieties of roses to growers every year.

Many rose bushes will not work well on their root system, so they are prepared on thick root-stock. Grafting allows the rose bush to grow in various climatic conditions.

Like this, Rose, whom we preach, cannot be severe enough to avoid climate conditions in our orchards.

On the other hand, the rose bushes will be cured, and others will not be so. I wanted you to know that if the rose bush does not last in its first winter season, then it is not necessary that you have done anything wrong in the process.

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