All On 4 – Who is an ideal candidate?

If you are a patient who is looking for full jaw restoration but you cannot afford it in your country for some reasons you should definitely consider all on 4 procedure. It is a permanent solution perfect for people who face significant teeth lose. First, 4 dental implants are inserted into your jawbone and then the dentist covers it with full porcelain bridge (a bridge of porcelain crowns).

All on 4 is the best option for the most demanding patients who, on the other hand, cannot or do not want to perform the treatment in their country. If you are looking for a permanent solution that will provide you with a natural, beautiful smile – cheap all on 4 in Poland is for you!

How Old Should I be to have All on 4 Abroad?

When we are speaking about cheap all on 4 abroad – there is no age range. While qualifying you, the dentist will pay attention only to your teeth condition and general health condition. Due to the fact that all on 4 procedure is designed for people who are struggling with serious dental problems, it is rarely applicable in younger patients cases.

However, there is no contraindication for that. Middle-age people hardly ever face such problems thus they do not require all on 4 often. But, at least in theory, there is no contraindication for having it done at the age of 24 or 94! Being qualified for the procedure is always an individual decision based on patients characteristics.

Can I have All on 4 Abroad if I have Teeth?

If you still have some natural teeth remaining and you would like your all on 4 to be installed the good news is that you do not have to wait for them to fall out. Even if there are a few placed in a row it is not a contraindication for having all on 4 abroad. Sometimes, it is even the best solution to get rid of remaining teeth before installing all on 4, as they are usually in bad condition.

Right before the implantation process, the dentist will extract your natural teeth and then he will perform all on 4 treatment straight away. In such a case, there is no necessity for you to attend 2 visits. However, if you would like your extraction to be performed separately – it would be the best to have it done at least 3 months before installing implants. That is due to the fact that your gums need some healing period before they can accept implants. Exceptionally, it can be all performed at once.

Can I have All on 4 in Poland if I have Diabetes?

If you suffer from diabetes and you wonder if you would be qualified for all on 4 procedure in Poland the answer is – yes, as long as it is controlled pharmacologically. However, diabetes patients should be aware of the fact, that they are in the group of higher risk of complications or failure of the procedure.

Also, the healing period would be relatively longer, depending on the individual condition of the patient. Thank the newest solutions in medicine, complications hardly often occur. If you are type 1 or 2 diabetes and you are seeing your doctor regularly there is nothing to be worried about.

Can I have All on 4 in Poland on Both Jaws?

You and your dentist are entitled to decide whether or not all on 4 procedure can be suitable in your case both in lower and upper jaw. If you are missing a significant number of teeth it can be of course recommended and performed. If you decide to have it done both jaws, the dentist will install dental implants during one appointment anyway.

No need to worry that the duration of the treatment will be extended anyhow. In some cases, when the patient still has some healthy, remaining teeth – the decision whether or you should have both jaws done is left to your dentist. To make the final statement on this issue, he will first examine your remaining teeth. He may perform some non-invasive treatment on them if needed.

On the basis of that examination, he will make sure what kind of treatment will be the best solution for you. Whether it will be a dental bridge, the dental bridge on implants or all on 4. We are doing our best to make sure that our dentist is the best professionalists. They will examine your case and will provide you with the best applicable solution regarding cheap all on 4 in Poland and any other dental treatment.

If I have Implants Can I have All on 4 Abroad?

If a patient already has some dental implants installed to all on 4 he or she requires an individual, a detailed examination is done by the dentist first. On the basis of a CT scan, your implantologist will qualify you for all on 4 in Poland, will inform you about the treatment course and will provide you with the individual quotation.

After analyzing your case it will be also clear and up to your decision on which brand of dental implants you would like to choose. It happens that there is no necessity to exchange old implants into the new. It is possible that your implant brand will match all on 4 system. But in most cases, it will be required to get rid of your implants in order to install new.

If your current implants are fully integrated with your bone so far, your dentist may advise you to leave them as they are or can propose you different solutions than all on 4. If you have any doubts if your implants already installed are a contraindication for having your cheap all on 4 contact Dental Travel Poland. We make sure that the quality of our services is at the highest level. Hence, if you are looking for a natural smile that would last a lifetime – you are in the right place. We guarantee the satisfaction and professional approach. Getting your cheap all on 4 in Poland was never easier than it is right now.

Our consultant will provide you with all the details, will lead you through the process and will assist you at every stage of it. We can help you to arrange your travel, stay and accommodation. We would like you to feel welcomed here as a patient and we will do our best to help you on your way to your new, healthy-looking smile by affordable all on 4 in Poland. Do not hesitate to call one of our consultants straight away.

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