Top 10 Secrets for a Healthy Winter

Winter season duration vary in different part of the world but almost everywhere people prefer to confine their selves behind the shut doors. This can be the cause of spreading the virus or germs and most probably you are going to catch that which may result in getting cold and flu. if you are looking for secrets for a healthy winter, here are some of the suggestions which I am going to share with you to have a healthy and enjoyable winter.

Dress for the Winter

The first tip you need to stay healthy during the winter season is to choose your clothes according to the weather and try to stay warm. Always have an extra jacket with you all the time because the temperature may drop and you can get cold.

Go in the Light

According to the studies, because of less sunlight and more darkness in the winter people tend to have the more seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and mood swings. So to avoid this, go outside and try to have open windows and doors to have light in the house.

Winterize your Workouts

Mostly it seems difficult to get out of your blanket and especially do a workout in the gym when the temperature is below zero. So the secret of having a workout in winter season is to start with stretches and then gradually move to the workout. It will warm up your body and make it easier to do the workout.

Change your Brush

Do not forget to change your brush after flue treatment otherwise you may get infected again.

Wash your Hands

You can get infected by the germs of your own hands so make sure to wash your hand’s couple of times during the day and keep it clean. You may use sanitizer for this too.

Fill up on Fiber

One of the most important secrets for a healthy winter is adding more fiber to your meals that can reduce the inflammation into your body and strengthen the immune system. Food like apple, oats, and nuts are rich in fiber. You need to have 25g of fiber in a day to stay healthy.

Protect your Skin

In the winter season, you may face a dry skin problem because of long hot water showers. Try having warm water showers and use a lot of moisturizer for your skin and keep it hydrated.

Get your Flu Shots

To get the influenza vaccination at the beginning of the winter can reduce the chances of getting flue up to 60%. So don’t forget to have flu shots before the month of November.

Stay Active to Enjoy Healthy Winter

It may seem impossible for you to get out of the bed and go outside. But to keep yourself healthy, you need to involve in different activities and stay active for most of the day.

Take Care of your Feet

Another secret for a healthy winter is to take a very good care of your feet during the winter season. Moisturize your feet for treating cracks and wear warm socks and shoes to prevent cold.


I hope you enjoy this winter by following these tips and staying healthy. Do not forget to stay hydrated and having fun activities like ice skating and skiing. Have a fun and healthy winter!

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