All You Need to Know about PVP GreenLight Laser Treatment

PVP GreenLight Laser can also be deemed as an alternative technique of minimizing the outflow of obstruction usually faced by men with an enlarged prostate. Although Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) is still deemed as the gold standard treatment option for BPH, the prospect of a treatment that’s less invasive is always attractive.

One of the best things about PVP GreenLight Laser treatment is that it demands a very short period of hospitalization and light anesthetic. One can also expect a quick recovery in the short term. A catheter may be required for 1-2 days until the urine comes clear. Most patients are advised to avoid any strain or heavy lifting for around ten days minimum after surgery.

Ideal Candidate

This treatment option is suited for anyone whom TURP is directed, except men who:

– Are in acute retention (inability to pass water)

– A prostate volume higher than 60cc

– Require laboratory analysis of the prostate

The Procedure of PVP GreenLight

A part of the prostate tissue is removed to relieve pressure on the urethra. A laser probe is inserted. After that, the overgrown tissue is vaporized using laser energy under the guidance of the surgeon. This laser stops bleeding of tissue effectively, which avoids the need for bladder irrigation.

The Side-effects

These are similar to TURP. However, the bleeding is lesser because of the laser procedure being less invasive. Also, the stay in hospital will be shorter. However, many patients may feel a burning/stinging sensation for a short period after the procedure. It may last up to 6-8 weeks.

After the treatment, traces of blood in the urine are normal. Patients are usually advised to drink plenty of water for some days after the surgery while it clears. Some patients may also experience clots passing for 10-14 days after the procedure. There’s nothing to worry as it is an integral part of the healing process.

The Benefits of PVP GreenLight

PVP offers many benefits over TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate). It is used for treating BPH. Some of the benefits it provides include:

Less Bleeding

There is very less risk of bleeding. Hence, for those with a bleeding disorder or those taking blood thinners can go for this.


The PVP greenlight laser results in much less swelling as compared to TURP.

Less Urinary Tract Symptoms

Men who undergo PVP Greenlight laser for prostate experience a reduction in urinary tract symptoms overnight while it takes several weeks or longer for those who have TURP.

No Retrograde Ejaculation

Use of green light laser results in less risk of developing retrograde ejaculation than does TURP.


The need for hospitalization is usually little for PVP greenlight laser. On the other hand, TURP will have a longer stay.

Faster Recovery

Men tend to recover from green light laser treatment faster as compared to TURP. Additionally, there is very less chance of using a catheter after PVP greenlight laser in 24 hours. This period is longer for men undergoing TURP.

The Cost

As per a new meta-analysis conducted in Spain, it was revealed that the overall cost of green light laser for prostate was way less than that for TURP. It is due to the shorter inpatient length of stay. This will offset the overall cost of the new technology.”


Complications risk associated with PVP greenlight laser such as urinary incontinence, infection, and erectile dysfunction is lower as compared to the TURP. Recent research and studies have revealed that there is 1-2% risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction post PVP greenlight laser which is lesser as compared to TURP which has 4 to 5 percent chances of risk.

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