How Do I Verify That The Quality Of My Weed Is Still Good?

Does weed expire? This has been an age-old discussion among avid Cannabis consumers for decades, and yet to this day this discussion still flares on. On one side there’s the scientifically savvy user on the other the expert traditionalist. Eventually, they’re both wrong and both right at the same time.

Simply put, the natural variety of Cannabis -Weed, Mary Jane, Pot, Dope, Yarndi or whatever your regional language for Marijuana is- is more or less merely a dry herb that has a Best Before Date, and not an original Expiry Date.

Just like how the usually dried herbs that are used in food, can expend their flavor and strength over time, so too can dehydrated Marijuana. All dried herbs, Marijuana included, can still be applied when grown. They won’t have the same taste profile or hit as a fresh stash.

What Would Be Weed’s Best Before Date?

A correctly prepared flower that is stored in the optimal and perfect conditions could probably last for 12-24 months. This would need it being stored without reaching it for that time span.

A more reasonable and practical agreement on how long weed could be stored for is up to 6 months if it’s being stored in an airtight glass or ceramic jar, out of light and in a cool, dark area.

If your weed is drying out, place a wet cotton swab, or cotton ball in the pot with the Marijuana. Don’t let it get a connection with the plant though and it will re-hydrate it increasing its storage time.

You need to make sure, however, that you don’t make the plant get wet. Making it wet could support mold growth making it risky to smoke.

How Do I Check That The Quality Of My Weed Is Still Good?

It is beneficial to check your stash before use. Get to understand what you have in stock, how it seems, how it perfumes. Use these three fundamental senses, and you’ll be capable to see the changes in your stash that can alert you of possible issues.

1) Look – Get to know the pattern, color, and form of your weed when it’s healthy

  • Review it carefully and check for differences in color and design.
  • Are there flaws of white or black pieces that weren’t there before?
  • Has it darkened or lightened?
  • Has its appearance changed? Is it now more inflated then it was before?

2) Touch – A good and healthy supply has a porous, springy touch when force is utilized. There is also a slight tackiness to it as well

  • Does it seem vicious and not so much tacky?
  • Does it jump back after you’ve touched it?
  • Does it feel larger or smaller?
  • Is it breaking aside at the touch?
  • Concentrated weed breaks off quickly and breaks to the touch. If it turns to powered in your games, it’s well away from its Best Before Date. If it feels stickier then before then, it may be either rotten or filled with mold.

3) Smell – Get to know the scent of your stash. Any differences could symbolize that its wet or mold may have taken hold, sometimes you can sniff it before you can see it

  • Is the scent still as effective as before?
  • Does it get your mouth water or does it make you feel weak?
  • The smell will diminish as it grows and it drops its potency, this cant be avoided.
  • Would you say it scents more like fish, eggs, vinegar or overripe fruit?

Never restock the same box or pack it up. Always cycle into fresh containers to withdraw moving unseen pathogens over to your next stock.

If you want to top up your contemporary stash but don’t need more then one box at a time. Then make sure that you give the old stash onto the new stock, you need it at the top of the heap.

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