Ideas to Divide Environment : Screens, Partitions

The term Ideas to divide environment means, in a figurative sense, the screen of protection against the wind that refers to the original purpose of the screen to prevent the wind from blowing inside the rooms.

In general, we do not usually use them much or see them in the usual interior decoration and, nevertheless, they are an ideal resource to give a practical, elegant and fun solution to the separation of environments from our home.

But also, in addition to screens, there are many other ways to separate spaces.

With different designs and functions, today we tell you about several elements that you can take into account to divide the rooms and we help you to choose the perfect option for you.

To separate the area of the shower from the rest of the bathroom, the most common is to place a mosaic or glass screen.

This is very nice and neat in the bathrooms. In addition, the colors bring a lot of life, and we can play with different mosaic patterns to generate something more dynamic, fun and highlight the fragmentation.

On the side of the shower, you can take advantage of the space of the screen to leave some cavities where to place neatly and organized personal hygiene accessories.

If we live in a studio or loft, you can use a partition on the wall. It is called a wall partition thin that serves to separate rooms within an environment.

This small wall will allow us to experience that the other side of the bedroom is the living room, the dining room or the kitchen without feeling that it is all part of the same.

In the mono environments, this is of the utmost importance so that we do not feel overwhelmed by having things in view constantly.

In addition, even living alone, a slight sense of privacy and isolation, will make us feel more protected.

A super cute and innovative idea is to place a vegetable curtain.

It will give a lot of color and life to your spaces, it will allow you to have a great variety of plants all in one place, and it will fulfill perfectly with the division of space. Even, thanks to photosynthesis, by placing one next to the other, you will achieve that the plants stay in very good condition, with good foliage and color.

Without a doubt, everyone will love it!

Another good idea is the dividing cubes, which allow us to organize our spaces in the way that we like.

There is a series of cubes that are dismantled. You can position them as you like, changing the final result. This will be something very positive in case you want to renew the wave of the room. There are even some cubes that are structurally resistant and suitable for use as banks.

If you like these practical and fun ideas, be sure to see this book of ideas.

There is a decorative screen style, which separates our environments in a subtle way. This screen gives a very interesting look at our rooms. It has a series of small holes that illuminate the room with romantic light effect.

Keeping this in mind, you can have fun trying lights of different colors and intensities to see what effect you like the most and it goes better with your space. They will also serve very well to manage the passage of sunlight.

The organizing spheres divide the spaces, but it can be light or intense, depending on how much we fill them. This is because their centers usually contain a lot of space. This is not a bad thing since they offer us great storage capacity. They will also allow us to alternate if we want the space to be mostly visual or more private.

As for the decorative contribution, they are sensational, super modern and of a very attractive architecture.

If you have a small level in your house, we could opt for an openwork wall that divides sectors in height of others that are a lower floor.

This will allow you to observe the boys while you cook, and have everything under control at the same time. It will also be great entertainment for them to play with their toys and that great mural full of obstacles.

There are many styles of traditional style screens with a variety of different designs and functions:

  • Screen used as dressing room: A very vintage element that gives the room an old touch.
  • A screen like blackboard-menu: ideal for restaurants, just behind could be the entrance to the kitchen or the box.
  • Screens that simply divide the environments.
  • Screen as a screen to attenuate the incidence of the sun in a room.
  • Screens as an element to paste and display drawings.
  • Cork-type screens to hang photos or important notes.
  • Screens as decorative elements in wrought iron in gardens or interior.
  • Screens with mirrors to separate spaces without compromising the sense of spaciousness.
  • As a headboard.
  • Screens to divide environments without lifting walls.
  • Screen as a substitute for paintings or mirrors on a wall.

As a last option, we leave you this beautiful design of the ATV architects. It is a bamboo screen, used as a sliding door to divide the exterior of the interior.

An original, delicate alternative that perfectly combines the modern style with the wild.

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