How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles, Lines & Creases

Your day’s been great so far – with a delicious, scrumptious smoothie for breakfast, a tasty lunch, whole day sitting in the front of the computer – and now it’s time to leave the office. At home, you take a couple of hours of watching T.V. before going to sleep. Wait! What is this? How can it possible? God help me! It is eye wrinkles, lines & creases! Where and how they come from? You thought that your makeup routine would prevent those eye wrinkle from forming, but somehow, those irritating eye lines have shown up. Just think about this type of situation that how it can badly impact on your face beauty. ANA Essential Guide has put together a list of easy and effective ways to get rid of eye wrinkles and lines.

Apply A Cooling & Hydrating Compress

A powerful and easy method to incidentally get rid of eye wrinkles when they initially show up is to apply a cool and Hydrating Compress. A Hydrating compress is only an extravagant name for a pad or retentive material that you can put on your eyes to relieve irritation and inflammation.

However, there are a few other ways that you can apply. It is something as familiar that people mostly used, place the wet cloth, chilled teaspoons or damp tea bags on your eyes. Well, you can also apply chilled cucumber slices on your eyes as for a great cold compress. It does not matter what you choose; the primary objective is to use cool moisture around your eyes area.  The cold things work well to pull the thin skin tight and help to reduce the maximum depth of wrinkles as well as the moisture work to glow up your skin and smooth the lines from underneath.  We’ll highlight the process that how can you use a cold washcloth, for teaspoons, tea bags, and cucumber slices for your eyes. Keep in mind the process are the same for all methods; we’ll describe just one here!

  • Wet two pieces of soft cloth with cold water. If you want to make the cloth cold last a bit longer, then it will better if you place it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  • Sit or lie down on the floor, then put the cold washcloth over your eyes.
  • Relax! It is the right time for de meditation and deep breathing. If you want to do another thing for relaxation, then feel free to listen to music. Keep the cold washcloth on over your eyes for 15 minutes.

We recommend you using a cool hydrating compress on your eyes at least three times per week before going to sleep. It will significantly reduce fine eye lines.

Elevate Your Head While You Sleep

If you have a great sleep ever for eight hours, but you still wake up with puffy bags around your eyes. That can be irritating and unsatisfying experiences for you. But keep in mind enough sleep in not only one factor that leads eyes. Another reason of wrinkles and puffiness eyes is fluid buildup during the night.  To prevent fluid buildup in the soft tissues around your eyes, we recommend elevating your head while you sleep. The easiest way to do this is to apply an extra pillow under your head. If it is not an adjustable mattress that permits you to modify the angle of both the head and foot of the bed, then it will great to get comfortable night’s sleep.  However, don’t forget to apply eye wrinkle cream before going to night’s sleep.

Reduce Salt Intake

Do you know that? Fluid buildup also occurs due to the use of too much salt. Remember that the use of too much salt is unhealthy for body and eyes and it contributes to wrinkling formation on the thin skin of your neck, chest, and eyes.  We suggest reducing- the salt you use when cooking is vital and the first step to reduce wrinkle and puffing of eyes. But you should also avoid you use foods that have a high sodium quantity.

Use Natural Exfoliators

It is true that exfoliating is a great way to keep skin tight and healthy. You can use the exfoliating scrub once or twice a week as it will help to clear all dead skin cells that have built up over time. Professional Dermatologists says that around 30,000 skin cells die on an adult’s body every day! That’s mean, there is required to remove tones of dead skin cells. It is best if you use a natural exfoliator such as baking soda, oatmeal, and coffee. These things work well to remove dead cells without damaging your delicate under-eye skin.


Eyes care expert says that, if you want an easy and simple way to avoid the nightmarish situation, start using eye wrinkle cream tonight! All you need to apply Wrinkle cream after finishing up makeup and before going to sleep. To buy the best quality eye wrinkle cream visit Ayuni Organic.


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